Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome to the Cincy Food Truck Dance Floor – Taz!

Taz, formerly a brick-and-mortar restaurant serving Greek and Lebanese food in Mason, has gone mobile, and I spotted its orange truck the two days this week I was at 5th and Race (Tuesday and Thursday). Today I gave two of their dishes a try.

The falafel were well-seasoned and crunchy.

My $4 falafel appetizer (they were also available in a $4 sandwich version) came with tahini dipping sauce and four pita halves, piping hot off the grill.

The Taz truck sports two on-board gyro rotisseries, and my second dish was the chicken schawirma (sometimes spelled schawarma or schawerma) sandwich: spit-roasted chicken (some soft white meat, some cracklin' style dark), fresh tomatoes and lettuce, pickled vegetables, and tzatziki wrapped in flatbread, a very substantial sandwich for $5.

My two selections proved to be way more than I could eat for lunch, but I’m looking forward to leftovers for tonight’s dinner. And looking forward to trying more items from the menu.

I think the owner plans to update the business’s website and post info about the truck’s locations, although that hasn’t happened yet. If I learn more about how you can find out where Taz will be when, I’ll let you know.

Taz’s Middle Eastern cuisine – which also includes salad and vegetarian options – is a welcome addition to Cincy’s food truck scene in my book. Keep an eye out for this tasty, bright orange newcomer!


Anonymous said...

The only food truck we get out in the Philly suburbs doesn't do any cooking. Just a sandwich truck. Their prices look very reasonable. Do they have any lamb dishes (or is that the gyro)? Make sure you show us what else they have in the coming weeks.

Have you been following The Great Food Truck Race on the FoodNetwork (Sundays at 9:00PM EST)? An interesting way to cook and a real cut-throat business - if you believe what you see on the show.


Sharon Rudd said...

Buzzy, I'll report back on your lamb question and more from Taz. Definitely looking into exploring more of what they have to offer.

Yeah, I watched The Great Food Truck Race last week. A number of the food trucks here in Cincy have tried to get on the show in the past. And I know the New Orleans to Go folks are trying to get enough votes to be on Season 3. What a hoot that would be!

Enjoy your canoe trip :)

Jenny said...

Food trucks are just now being allowed in the inner city - the local restaurants made a huge fuss and they were essentially banned until just a few weeks ago. Still, their locations are restricted and I need to go check them out. you're very lucky to have so many to pick from.

Sharon Rudd said...

Boxer, Cincy doesn’t have a lot of food trucks – I just try to write about them a lot :) They are restricted in our downtown area here too, to three locations, unless they can work out private parking arrangements. I know the current legislation is a frustration for many of these entrepreneurs, and now that we are in year #2, they are exploring more venues and events outside of downtown to sustain and expand their businesses. Brick-and-mortar restaurants in many cities lobby to keep food trucks at bay. But the trucks offer a completely different “dining” experience – hello, it’s takeaway! The closest brick-and-mortar to the food truck location I frequent is a fine-dining restaurant in a hotel kitty-corner from the sanctioned food truck spot, and they cater to completely different clientele. BTW, my post about that fine-dining restaurant – where our local Top Chef: Just Desserts contestant is pastry chef – should be up by Monday. But I might have another somethin’-somethin’ up before then :)

moi said...

Hey, this is the wave of the future! If I were a food truck owner, I'd go to those areas of the city where industrial, light industrial, cleaning, printing, etc. type businesses all tend to conglomerate. Places not big enough for in-house cafeterias or where a restaurant or diner is a 10-15 minute drive.

S.B. and I both work at home, and live in a rural community, so we really appreciate our one and only food truck. We have several good diners and restaurants in the area, but lunch almost always has to be a quick affair. Marisco's, parked just off one of the Interstate exits, is our usual take out choice. Their lengua tacos are the bomb, but their fish tacos and chicken burritos are also stellar. $2 each for the tacos, $5 for the burritos. Two tacos are plenty for lunch and S.B. is always hard pressed to finish his burrito.

Great post, Eggy. I love seeing what folks can do with this set up.