Sunday, August 14, 2011

Battle Bacon Reminder

I'm going in too many blogging directions right now. But wanted to remind everyone of the August Culinary Smackdown, which last month's winner, Grumpy Granny, has declared to be "Battle: Bacon." Deadline is August 31 and you can find the details at Granny's place here.

Stop back later to read about my epic dinner at Orchids and meeting local Top Chef: Just Desserts contestant Megan Ketover. I was charmed on all fronts!


Jenny said...

I really want to hear about your dinner with local Top Chef Megan Ketover!! I'm probably not in for the next Smackdown.... being a vegetarian bacon is just not something I'm happy cooking with. :-)

Sharon Rudd said...

Boxer, you vegetarian, you, I knew you wouldn't be up for cooking bacon. But if you have the time to contribute to our virtual Smackdown par-tay in some other fashion, that would be great. Hope you'll still check out the entries and support the "Culinary Smackdown Reclamation Project" :)

P.S. Megan is a delight and a talent! I will be shamelessly rooting for her!

Stephie said...

Oh my goodness! I absoloutly love and adore Megan! I didn't have her as a teacher when she was at MCI, but, she was amazing to talk craft and everyday life with. Definitely an inspiration and a delight! Hope you enjoyed your dinner!

Sharon Rudd said...

Stephie, I just found out Megan taught at MCI before she went to Orchids. How cool that you know her! She is definitely amazing, and my dinner sent me over the moon:) Fingers crossed for a Cincy viewing party while she's on the show - it would be great to meet you if that happens!

moi said...

Bacon is the world's most perfect food, so I should be in with bells, er, apron, on. Looking forward to the story!

Sharon Rudd said...

Moi, glad you're in for the Smackdown! I hope Buzz and Karl will be in too, with some male-bonding on an ingredient that isn't too girly for them (although girls love bacon too!).

Real world realities side-tracked me from getting my multiple posts up tonight. I so want to do justice to lovely Top Chef Just Desserts contestant Megan Ketover and the fine team at Orchids. Cindie's still up for us to see Lyle Lovett Tues. night despite today's shocking news, so it will be later in the week before I can post.

Must sleep now :)

fishy said...

You are busy having a life? Imagine that!
Sounds like you had a wonderful experience at Orchids, now I want to go there too. Not so sure about Lyle. His music is genius but he is just difficult to look upon.

@ moi,
bells on your apron? Sounds like lyrics for a new Nora Jones.