Thursday, April 8, 2010


I hate Mondays. Always have, and probably always will (at least until I retire).

So something I've found myself evolving here are what I now dub Positively Monday posts, a little way to psyche myself up for going back to work, and put a positive spin on my outlook for the week before it has a chance to get the upper hand.

This all started as an excuse to post one of my photos I really liked, without the fuss and bother of coming up with a bunch of words to accompany it, which I titled "Starting the Week on a Sweet Note":

Then I returned from a great weekend in Louisville and wanted to get a photo up of these crazy red penguins at the 21-C Hotel without waiting until I had time to put together the full-blown trip recap I had in mind:

The next thing I knew, I was inspired to photograph even more for my Monday posts.
And realizing I could use them as a creative way to recycle leftovers.
Or I could snag a web image to acknowledge the efforts of other bloggers who made me smile.

So . . . it turns out I have a blogging friend who's interested in participating in "Positively Mondays." And if anyone else wants to join in, you are most welcome. The rules are: There are no rules. No weekly themes. No lengthy research or web-surfing required. You can include a photo, or not. You can include words - a few, a lot, or none. You are the queen or king of your own bloggy domain, so do whatever you wish. This is just a chance to do something a little different, and bring a smile or a grin to your own face (and maybe a few others). Hey, we can't change Mondays, but maybe we can improve how we look at them.

Check back next Monday, when I have a special post planned for my new Positively Monday compadre. And if you decide to join in too, leave a comment so we can find you.


Big Shamu said...

That chocolate egg mousse cup is really quite beautiful. I would positively eat it up. Especially on a Monday.

Making Space said...

RockNRoll!!! I'm in, but being a child of the 80s, right now "Manic Monday" is running through my head over and over. Haha

LaDivaCucina said...

I agree with Sham, it's gorgeous and got my Diva head thinking of how to make the rainbow shell! Neato baby!

AM LOVIN' the positively Mondays posts! I FREAKIN' HATE MONDAYS and in my sometimes neurotic head, start freaking out about Mondays on Sunday night. Don't worry, i've talked myself down from that now. heheh....

Heff said...

I honestly don't think this will "fix" Mondays, but we'll see, lol !

Sharon Rudd said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. Heff, I don't know that Mondays can be "fixed," but they sure have a lot of room for improvement, eh? Shamy, glad you liked the swirly chocolate mousse cup photo - one of my faves, although how could you go wrong with such a lovely subject? Diva, if you figure out how to create one of those cups, please share. And MS, I'll be checking in with you tomorrow, kiddo :)

chickory said...

of course, i am a big fan of your peep army. even kim jong il would be impressed with that formation, eggy! ha!