Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here it is already, positively Tuesday. Time to share a few quick pics of my Easter weekend.

Easter morning strata, with cottage ham, asparagus, mushrooms, bell peppers and some of the cheese I brought back from Louisville (OK, it was actually Easter afternoon by the time we ate it).

For dinner, Cindie and I put together a menu that would please everyone, including her husband and her father (here he is with his new girlfriend - just like teenagers, I tell ya).

Which meant crossing a number of things off the list. No lamb (sighs The Eggplant), but this standing rib roast was mighty fine.

Cindie made her twice-baked potatoes, and I made my asparagus with bacon, garlic, nuts, and blue cheese (adapted from this recipe; we removed the men's asparagus before adding the blue cheese, those picky eaters). I also made the horseradish sauce and an impromptu jus (oops, I'd thought Cindie was in charge of that, but am always game to put something together on the fly). You can glimpse a bit of the lovely medium rare beef here, but this was much more an eating-with-friends-and-family occasion than a photo op.

And for dessert, Cindie's angel food cake with strawberries. P.S., Cindie, I finally found room for a slice after you went to bed :)

After dinner we hung out on the deck, laughing and telling stories.

Even the dogs had a good time. Then again, why wouldn't they? They got to chase each other around AND lick the plates.

While everyone else's bellies were full, Oscar still wanted his rubbed.

Thanks, Cindie and Odie, for having me. And for the use of your ice pack and letting me keep from being on my feet all day prepping Easter dinner. The injured toe is finally improving, and I hope to be back in culinary sparring condition for our lobster collaboration this weekend.

Of course, what I'm really looking forward to this week is putting my feet up tomorrow night and being inspired by the culinary sparring on the Top Chef Masters 2 debut. But how can you go wrong with a little lobsta to round out the week?

     The (less-hobbling) Eggplant


Dani said...

You're gonna invite the gang next time, right Eggy? ;)

Sharon Rudd said...

Hehe, Dani. The gang was, in a sense, there this weekend. Couldn't resist checking up on the Dim Sum Peep posts Sunday, so borrowed the computer upstairs in Cindie's office and laughed so loud that she and Odie wondered what was going on. Cindie "got it" immediately when she went back through my file history. As for Odie, well, he doesn't yet know what blogs are . . .

Thanks for stopping by!

LaDivaCucina said...

Wow, I usually read the bloggies in the a.m. and no matter what is posted, I can manage to drool over it! Looks divine dear and what a lovely setting. Is that a lake or a river?

Sharon Rudd said...

Diva, that's the mighty wide O-Hi-O River.