Monday, April 12, 2010


Drat! Yes, drat, I say. I had a whole post, lovingly prepared, and, so I thought, properly scheduled. Then it disappeared. Nowhere to be accessed in edit or view land. Not viewable, publishable,  copyable or reconstructable. Have tried so many times to figure this thing out that either there will still be nothing there when I wake up in the morning or my original will have been posted about 417 times.

MS and Shamu, I need injections of your cake and unpronounceable (to me) spring roll STAT.

Will try to muster up enough moxie to address this befuddling failure of intended post when I get home from work tomorrow evening. Until then, I am thoroughly flummoxed, and must sign off in order to get to bed and stare down another Monday. 


Making Space said...

Oh dear! I have plenty of cake, and the sugar high lasts well beyond the much-advertised 30 minutes, so you should be in good shape to track down errant blog posts well into the night Monday.

I'm posting about Monday over on my blog too.

LaDivaCucina said...

How frustrating! Perfect for Monday though, blasted stupid Mondays!

Dani said...

Drat, I hate when that happens!!!

Sharon Rudd said...

Thanks, all, for stopping by this morning. Darn post finally turned up.

Happy Monday!