Sunday, April 25, 2010


There's nothing like a road trip, good friends, a cat (or 9), and a breath of fresh air to help me feel ready to tackle a Monday.
Sometimes ramblin' down a different path than the one you'd planned refreshes you with the unexpected.
Even on a rainy day.

You might even find yourself across the state line and in a miniature faerie world.

Wishing you a Monday full of color.
And whatever small miracles it takes to get you through your day.
Heck, while we're sprinkling cheerful dust 'round here, why not just plant yourself a $%&## chocolate tree?
Road trips: Highly recommended. Returning home with twisted ankle: Not so much. Nonetheless, don't let your week go down the crapper without a fight.


Making Space said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry you twisted your ankle on your ramblings!

The Faerie garden was so sweet it brought a lump to my throat - can't wait to show it to The Sweeties tomorrow!

And yes, I want all those small miracles that help us get through our Mondays. Most definitely. Thank you for that wish, I accept most gratefully.

LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Eggy, nothing beats spring in the midwest! I love the flowers, esp forsythia which comes and goes so quickly.

By the way, my last name means fairy in Italian! (Lafata) I am Laura the Fairy! Cool.

Beautiful photos that make me miss Michigan, enjoy the smells in the air and hope your ankle feels better. x

Sharon Rudd said...

MS, glad you enjoyed the little faerie vignettes. Hope The Sweeties do to.

Fairy Diva, yes, this is a great time of year in the Midwest - plenty of color to perk up even a gray day.

Happy Monday!