Monday, September 12, 2011

Haiku Monday: Journey

This week seems to be full of invitations, both extended and received. At the shout-out/nagging? of Aunty Belle, who is hosting this week's Haiku Monday, I am going against my grain and trying to compress my thoughts into a couple of 17-syllable offerings on this week's theme: Journey.

This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Bread Line

Sweet or sourdough, boy!
Beckoning Blue Oven loaves.
Tortano, at last.

And here's an untitled one that's less foodie-ish, but even more from the heart.

Western quest, a drive
toward hills heavy with sage.
Jagged landscapes: home.

Stop by Aunty's place to check out all the fine entries this week. Thanks, Aunty, for distracting me from my frettin' over what my silly city is doing to my beloved street-food peeps. I'll be back later in the week with more food-focused coverage (and more news about food vendors getting booted from Fountain Square if I can track it down - dang!).



DeepBlue said...

WOW! I do make my own bread but it doesn't look as good as this one here... I can even smell it.

Beautiful haiku! Thanks for the visual. ;)

fishy said...

Gimme that loaf and I could travel for a week without stopping! Fine entries Eggy. Now I know the secret to getting you to play is food!

Aunty Belle said...

woo hoo!! Great job Eggy. Smashin' good job. see? I knowed it was in ya' all along.

Now--gotta read backwards to see whas'up wif' the food truck thang.

Thanks fer playin'--please be thar' too fer NEXT Monday.

Anonymous said...

The second one was quite good. Restaurant review at the Troll Stroll today!

Jenny said...

I love that you participated. Nicely done.

Sharon Rudd said...

Awww, thanks to all for your encouragement. Although I always feel the rest of you haiku with some much more finesse than I. I am especially honored to receive a nod from Troll - now off to check out his restaurant review!