Monday, September 26, 2011

Eli's BBQ Going Brick-and-Mortar!

Catch ’em while you can – this is the last week for regular lunch service on Fountain Square before the plug is pulled on the food tent vendors at the end of the week. And hope the weather cooperates – after yesterday morning’s heavy rains, none of them were there for lunch on Monday.

Tom + Chee has already grown from its booth/tent on Fountain Square to two store-front locations, one on Court Street and a second at Newport on the Levee. Eli’s BBQ is growing beyond the Fountain Square “food business incubator” too. When I got lunch at Eli’s last week, I learned they’ve found a brick-and-mortar spot in Columbia-Tusculum, where they’re aiming to open in November. You can also find Eli's BBQ weekends at Findlay Market, outside near the Biergarten.

Eli’s serves up a fine moist and smoky pulled pork sandwich, topped with cole slaw and BBQ sauce.
On Fountain Square, you can get the sandwich for $5 or go for the $8 platter, with sides of gooey traditional mac and cheese (just the way I like mine) and baked beans that have some heat to go with the sweet.

Eli’s doesn’t currently have much of an online presence, as far as I can tell, but if you stop by their tent on Fountain Square before the end of the month, you can sign up for their email list to get news as their plans develop.

Congrats to another fine Cincinnati street food vendor who has made the most of its opportunity serving lunch on the Square and winning over customers one plate at a time!

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