Friday, September 2, 2011

Battle Bacon Results Up - and Cincy's Small Girl Adventures Is Our Winner!

Grumpy Granny, host of the August Culinary Smackdown, has delivered her verdict on Battle Bacon, and Cincinnati blogger Small Girl Adventures is the winner for her Bacon-Studded Brioche adapted from a Thomas Keller recipe.

The Culinary Smackdown torch has been passed for September, and I can't wait to see where Stephie takes it. Thanks to all for playing, and especially to Grumpy Granny for hosting this time around, as we bring back the Smackdown :)


Anonymous said...

'Twas my complete pleasure, Ms. Eggy. I look forward as well to seeing what ingredient Stephie chooses. Let the fun continue!


Dani said...

Looks wonderful!

Jenny said...

Congrats to all who participated and have a great Labor Day, Eggy!

Jen said...

Congrats Stephanie!

fishy said...

My oh-so-aggravating extreme low sodium dietary regimen has kept me off the bacon for 30 years.
This recipe makes me want to cheat!
Good job to all.

Eggy, I do love coming here.
Your blog is always full of gorgeous photography and interesting people. <3

chickory said...

brioche. how is it not a loaf or a cake or what? its EGGIER right? Congratulations Stephie. I meant to get to (w)affle house but flaked out. oink!

Stephie said...

Chickory, in a sense you could call it a loaf..considering the use of the pans (I need different ones for sure). It consists of yeast as the rising agent, with the addition of a bunch of eggs, butter, and milk making it rich yet fluffier! the bacon for 30 are one strong person!!

Thanks everyone for the congrats!! And congrats to everyone who joined in, as everything looked delicious! [=