Monday, April 19, 2010


Last weekend's lobster-cooking adventure with Cindie and Odie for the Culinary Smackdown was big fun. Seeing everyone's entries was even better - and a whole lot less work. What a great array of dishes!

Three in particular got my culinary cortex going. The whole concept of a savory macaron from Doggy at Chez What. Troll's lemon relish, which he tells me he makes with lemon, celery, fennel, cardamom, and red pepper (what else could I pair that with besides lobster?). And the shellfish Sabayon that La Diva served with her magnificent lobster souffle.

I was salivating for lobster all over again after seeing the Smackdown entries. Couldn't afford another lobster, but I did have those lobster shells in my freezer. I was well into making lobster stock, and intent on making lobster risotto, when the phone rang (as it inevitably does when I try to make risotto). Which is why the lovely photo at the top of this post is not a food picture. However, I'll be back with a risotto post soon (possibly tomorrow night before Bourdain's new food porn episode) if the phone doesn't ring again.

Meanwhile, Cindie was inspired from another corner of the blogosphere and decided to try out MS's chocolate blackout cake. Cindie fiddled with it (she's allergic to cocoa powder), making her a bolder baker than I am. I mess around with recipes in the cooking arena all the time, but baking is a whole 'nother kettle of, er, lobster. The result was a cake that fell apart on her. When I asked her to let me know how it tasted, she said the upside to something this "deconstructed" is that you can stick your fingers into it before serving and no one will notice. Verdict: Pretty tasty.
Proving, I suppose, that silver linings can be found anywhere, and chocolate makes everything better.

With thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out my lobster post, and gratitude to all the Smackdown entrants for your inspiration, I wish you a Happy Monday!


WaterDog said...

Well happy Monday to you too! Nice post, but who called last night to interrupt you? Mom? Dinner went well & everyone went home stuffed & happy but dinner @ 6:30 PM on Sunday is not my cup of tea. Keep up the good work. As to the lobsta' lets hope everyone likes us!

Sharon Rudd said...

Good job on no longer being "anon," Cindie. Now we just have to get your/Oscar's photo up on blogger. Glad you had a good dinner. Sorry it was boiled beef for the boys. But I'll bet that chocolate cake made everything better.

Smackdown results are up at Heff's place. We didn't win, but were described as both funny and good-looking. (Fluffs hair.) I'll take a compliment like that anytime.

Happy Monday!

Christo Gonzales said...

mmm blackout cake - I tried making a stock from my shells and we unanimously agreed it stank so it died in the water so to speak...lobster risotto with a sabayon sauce with lobster ceviche on the side sounds good to me.

Christo Gonzales said...

and when I say 'stank' it was stinky.

Sharon Rudd said...

Doggy, my lobster stock actually turned out pretty mild, so I reduced it to concentrate the flavors. I am itching to use some of it to try out that sabayon. Must ponder the thought of using some sabayon on the risotto. Gilding the lily or delightfully decadent. I hope Diva will weigh in since she's made the sabayon.

Pretty sure I'm not going to get a post up about it tonight, but check back later this week to see how it goes.

And I will definitely be checking your blog for a recap of that Share Our Strength event. Sucks that you can't take your son.

Making Space said...

Lordy, who knew I would ever inspire anyone to cook! Well, bake in this case. I have to say, cake crumbled into pudding seems like a winning variation on a theme rather than any sort of problem.

Now what I need from you folks is a good authentic Cincy chili recipe. Because, you know, the blackout cake just doesn't have enough calories!

Thanks for the shout-out and I'm off to eat some cake now - I froze my leftovers. I was going to take them to work but I suddenly became intractably unwilling to share.

Sharon Rudd said...

Hahahaha, MS, I've never thought of you as "intractably unwilling to share":)

Also thought you'd get a kick out of inspiring someone to bake/cook. Cindie said the cake was a hit, despite falling apart on her, and she was taking another piece to her father.

If you're serious about that Cincy chili recipe, I'll hunt up one for you. It is definitely an acquired taste . . . and one that most people who aren't from around here are either turned off or puzzled by. Greek style chili served over spaghetti is not what most of the world thinks of as chili . . .

Happy Monday!

Making Space said...

Oh hooray, I'd love a good local recipe! I have the Cook's Country one and also one other one, but I would LOVE to try one that is really local. I've had Cincy chili before and I did like it, so I'm looking forward to it. I'll blog it too!

Dani said...

MS, you don't give yourself enough credit!

Sharon Rudd said...

OK, I'll work on a Cincy chili post for you, MS. May be a little while. And I really enjoyed your Monday post!

Dani, good to see you here, and ditto!