Friday, October 7, 2011

Megan Ketover: Top Chef, Class Act

Megan Ketover’s Malted Chocolate Bavarian with Roasted Bananas, Peanut Streusel and Dolce de Leche

I’ve been rooting for my hometown pastry chef, Megan Ketover, all season on Top Chef: Just Desserts and was saddened to see her eliminated in this week’s episode. The good news, however, is that (contractually speaking) she can now speak more openly about her experience on the show. Check out the terrific exit interview podcast she did with my blogging partner on All Top Chef, Laura Kluvo, if you’re craving more Megan.

I had the opportunity to meet Chef Ketover and taste her creations before the show premiered (my report here). The proof is on the fork, or spoon, and there’s no question in mind her skills are impressive. But I think there’s more to Megan than that. She's a genuine team player, and a professional through and through. She exhibits poise under pressure, has a profound passion for her work, loves to tackle new challenges, and maintains an even keel, reasoned perspective, sense of humor, and infectious enthusiasm no matter what comes her way.

In other words, she’s not just a fine baker, she’s an inspiration. During her turn on Top Chef: Just Desserts – where she made it to the 7th of 10 episodes, no small accomplishment! – I’ve come to realize how much respect and admiration she’s earned from many of her colleagues in the Cincinnati culinary world, including her former teachers and students at the Midwest Culinary Academy. She also clearly earned the respect of her competitors on the show. How great was it when they stood up for her at Judges Table in the Willy Wonka episode!

Although she’s off the show, I think Megan is just getting started on a remarkable career. I can’t wait to see where it goes – and I can’t wait to taste more of her food!


chickory said...

exposure on these bravo shows never hurt. I didnt see this episode...but I like the show. Guess that judge with gail decided on a less west side story look this season!

eggy - i forgot to mention the amazing batch of bread pudding with grand marnier sauce on of my uncles friend brought over. mmmm mmmm mmm!

Cati said...

I couldn't agree more! Watching Megan's performance and poise inspired me to think about and change the way I approach my on daily work.

Sharon Rudd said...

Chicky, grand marnier is one of my faves - that bread pudding sounds heavenly!

Cati, thanks for stopping by! Megan is definitely an inspiration!