Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lexington Road Trip - Amuse Bouche

Candy corn and M+M caramel apples from The Sweet Shoppe

I hit the road this weekend for a quick trip south to Lexington. The weather was warm, the leaves were turning, and I wanted to check out the Incredible Food Show 2011 sponsored by Kentucky Proud. So glad I did.

More than 100 Kentucky food vendors displayed their wares, with samples available in abundance.

I also got to indulge my inner food nerd by attending demos like the Heritage Meats Master Class, featuring this Katahdin lamb.

At the last minute I decided to stay overnight in Lexington and treat myself to dinner.
Sea Scallop Hot Browns from Jonathan's at Gratz Park

And this morning I meandered into nearby Bluegrass horse country for brunch.
Jean Farris Winery's duck liver pate and blackberry gelee

Oh, and I got to meet these boys, too.
Michael and Bryan Voltaggio

More reports to come. Meanwhile, hope your weekend was as inspiring as mine was.


Anonymous said...

First time I've seen a "reinvented" Hot Brown. Clever. Perhaps even inspiring. I tried to make a "light" version of the traditional Hot Brown for a food contest once. Wound up entering something else.

Jenny said...

Looking forward to hearing what you ate and soooo glad you had a chance to meet the Votgaggio boyz. Nice.

Sharon Rudd said...

Troll, I liked that Hot Brown a lot! As to the idea of a "light" Hot Brown, sounds like an oxymoron to me :)

Boxer, I talked to the Volt boyz only briefly, but it was kinda a cool.

LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Eggy, I am LOVIN" that scallop hot brown! Wow! I wonder how we can recreate? That might be a good idea for a smackdown, recreate, update or deconstruct a version of the hot brown! The show looked great, glad there were lots of samples for you!

moi said...

Mmmmm duck liver pate and blackberry gelee, plus what is that, a slice of brie? Full fat sooooooo rules.

I really enjoy going along with you on your culinary adventures. Closest I get these days is whatever I can dip a half bag of baby carrots into while working at the computer (husband gone, project kicking my butt). But I'm hoping to be in for the October smack down.

Jen said...

Your weekend sounded like it was WAY more inspiring than mine! I'm so disappointed I didn't get to go to this, but it sounds like you might be able to tell me how I could spend an awesome long weekend in Lexington or the KY area?

Sharon Rudd said...

Diva, I'll have a little more on that scallop Hot Brown in another post. Shouldn't be hard to replicate. Hmmm, a Hot Brown Smackdown? You know, if you join in this month and win, you can pick whatever you choose for next month's theme :)

Moi, the cheese was called Appalachian - a hard cheese, not at all like brie. Hang in there with your busy schedule, and I SO hope you'll be joining in the Smackdown!

Jen, Lexington is pretty new to me, but I'd love to explore. If you decided to do a weekend in Louisville, I have plenty of recommendations to share!