Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coming Soon (?) - Greek to Me on Court Street, Turophilia + Japp's, Fountain Square/Food Truck Update, and Truffles via Le Bon Vivant

Owner George Betas tells me he is hoping to open his third It's Greek to Me - Prassino location on Court Street later this week on Court Street (depending on how inspections go). Once the shop is up and running, he plans to be open Mon.-Fri.10-6 and Sat.11-3, and this link should take you straight to the anticipated menu (the player on website's home page is, er, problematic). I'm looking forward to trying this Middle Eastern restaurant with an emphasis on fresh preparations and organic ingredients. It's in the same block as Tom + Chee.

Turophilia, purveyor of inventive, cheesy quesadillas, usually from its tiny retro Airstream trailer at Eighth and Vine, reports on facebook it will be teaming up with Japp's (of Molly Wellman fame), to bring 'dillas and drinks during happy hour Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at Nada (Sixth and Walnut) starting tomorrow. ETA: Sorry I misunderstood. Fallon Horstmeyer's original message said, "What could be better than Turophilia and Japp's? Nada" - as in nothing could better. The locations is actually Japp's.

Turophilia's Black Keyes quesadilla

WVXU reported on Tuesday's City Council committee meeting about expanding the mobile food vendor program in the wake of 3CDC's decision to oust food tents from Fountain Square. This was a committee meeting, and a recommendation to Council was tabled for the time being. According to WVXU, "City administrators will be preparing a report on the Fountain Square vending spots. . . . It could be discussed next week. But the full City Council won't meet again after Wednesday until November 16th." I keep hoping the City and/or 3CDC finds a way to embrace these entrepreneurs who are putting out some outstanding food and contributing to the vibrancy of the downtown core.

Le Bon Vivant had a limited time opportunity to get in on some fresh truffles from Italy and France today. My wallet may be breathing a sigh of relief, but I am not. Stop in this lovely Walnut Hills shop to sign up for their contact list or friend them on facebook to keep up with the surprises they have in store. I am still dreaming of these apple and pear tarts made by owner Catherine Meguire for last week's wine and cheese soirée.
Le Bon Vivant's Third Friday wine and cheese tastings spotlight a different region of France each month (Burgundy in November). If last week's event is any indication, the crowd will be convivial, wine guy extraordinaire TJ will bring unique wines to sample, and there may be more food in store, like this Choucroute-Garnie at our evening in Alsace.


chickory said...

man you are a great food reporter! I wish my little town could get some food trucks or airstreams going. Id have a gumbo service.

I dont love middle eastern food - i used to get lots of it = especially stuffed grape leaves which i kind of like. My uncle made kibbe which is meat with a ton of mint in it. yuck. im not sure i like to eat actual truffles - but there is a potato dish at Haven (my fave local restaurant in ATL) that serves a haystack with truffle oil. yum!

did i miss the smackdown? where is it?

Velva said...

Food trucks are a cultural experience in a city that should be allowed. Tallahassee has just a few (sigh). We need more!

Great post. keeps up to date of the happenings in your city.


Sharon Rudd said...

Chicky, if you ran a gumbo service, I'd be there in a heartbeat! Say, what is a "haystack"? Foreign to my Northern ears.

You still have time to join in the Smackdown. Deadline is Monday, Oct. 31, and this month it's Battle: Winter Squash. Details from this month's host, Jen, of Our Good Food Life, here: http://www.ourgoodfoodlife.com/2011/10/culinary-smackdown-battle-winter-squash.html

Velva, thanks for stopping by! Cincinnati also has only a few food trucks. I'll bet at least your climate would be more favorable to them that ours is. I'm sure we'll have fewer food trucks out the colder the weather gets. Sigh.

Dani said...

Makin' me hungry!

fishy said...

Squash on Halloween?

I agree with Chickory, your food write ups make me salivate and the pictures are just stunningly good. Hope you will have time to play Haiku Monday this week.... you have PLENTY of inspiration for this weeks theme which is posted at the Pond. Splash on over.

Jenny said...

just wanted to let you know I'm in for the Smackdown, pal.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Belle said...

Are they payin' ya yet?? I mean....dear Eggy, as Chick9 an' Fishy say--wow! great food write-ups.

An' Bob Vivant gits my heart pumpin'--missin' French local fare already. That pear tart??? gimme!!

will get a squash entry up I hope.