Thursday, April 5, 2012

Arts and Lettuce Sneak Peek and Battle: Literary Food

I've been traveling, eating, working and, alas, not blogging in a while. But all is well, especially after a phenomenal meal tonight at Arts and Lettuce, the monthly underground dinner series prepared by the talented Ryan Santos of Please Catering. It was springtime on a plate through many surprising and delightful courses, and I'll be back with a full report, along with tales of my travels to Tennessee, and more.

Meanwhile, our gracious host of the March Culinary Smackdown Battle: Spherical Food Leah, of Eat, Drink and Be Married, recaps the "Battle Balls" entries here. Congrats to Katie of Taste and See Cincy for her win with some insanely tempting popcorn balls and one of the funniest entries in Smackdown history. As last month's winner, Katie becomes host, judge, and theme-picker for the April Smackdown, and this one is mighty intriguing. Check out her announcement post for all the details on Battle: Literary Food here. All are welcome to join in this friendly little monthly cooking/blogging contest.In fact, our most recent winners have been newcomers :)

Hope you are seizing the delights of Spring wherever you are, and sharing a table with friends, family, or, as I did tonight, an intriguing group of people you are meeting for the first time.

xoxo, eggy


Alessandra said...

Ciao Eggy, amazing photos!

Happy Easter to you!


Jenny said...

glad you've been happily eating and photographic things. I totally missed the last smackdown, but I hope to participate next time.

how is your friend Cindy?

Aunty Belle said...

"springtime on a plate:! Great imagery--wish I could taste it.

A Happy Easter to ya' Eggy!!

chickory said...

boy your photos are getting so good! lovely. Happy Easter Eggy! I am making julia childs potato leek soup for first course this evening. wish me luck!

fishy said...

I'll give you free room in board in exchange for cooking and photography lessons.

Blessings on you Eggster!

LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Eggy, Had your page up for days without commenting, my bad! I agree, your photos are getting better and better, well done!

Timing was bad for me for the last smackdown but two ideas I had was for boba tea with pearl tapioca and then Israeli couscous....another time!

Hope you had a great holiday, dear! xoxo

Sharon Rudd said...

So glad you could all stop by!

Alessandra, thanks for the kind words.

Boxer, Cindie is hanging in there. But I finally saw what’s left of her house and her village. Very sad. It’s going to take time to rebuild.

Aunty Belle, so glad you’re back to the blogosphere! I’ll bet you’ve got a lot of swell spring eats coming up in your own garden :)

Chicky, I am honored you like my photos – high praise coming from you! How did that potato leek soup turn out?

Fishy, haha! I may have to come visit you :)

Diva, ooh, I love those Smackdown ideas. But I also know what it’s like to run out of time. I hope you’ll be in this month for Battle: Literary Food!

xoxo, eggy