Monday, March 19, 2012

First Bite, Take #2: The EAT! Food Truck

Sorry about yesterday's posting glitch. Here's my full report.

The new EAT! food truck has been out and about in various locations for a month or so now. I finally had a chance to see what they're up to when they appeared on Fountain Square last week. What's better than a warm early spring day and a nice line of interested customers!

Here's the menu EAT! posted the day I stopped by (sorry about the shadows cast by the downtown office buildings). Based on my previous experience as a supporter of Cincinnati food trucks, I would suggest you not be surprised if they pare it down or alter it once they get their feet under them and see what their customers want in various locations.

EAT! is offering mix-and-match combinations of proteins you can add to pasta and salads or find in sandwiches, including shrimp, scallops, turkey, Amish chicken, and paneer.

I went with the Indian cheese called paneer because, well, I could. Here's a look inside at the grilled paneer and accompanying tamarind chutney, on a great multi-grain bread with fresh greens.

I also tried one of EAT's soup specials that day, pureed lentil soup, another unique offering among Cincy food trucks, with their own croutons.

I'm happy to see EAT! join the Cincinnati Food Truck scene with fresh alternatives, and I will be staying tuned to see how our food trucks jockey for position in the limited space on Fifth St. adjacent to Fountain Square now that that space has been opened up by City Council and as warmer weather unfolds.


Buzz Kill said...

They got some excellent grill marks - on cheese! That would have been good on some naan too. How did the lentil soup taste? I personally like the lentil beans whole for texture. I guess if you don't have time to cook them all the way, pureeing would be a good way to make it edible.

Food trucks still have a bad reputation in my area, but they sure look like they're up and coming in yours.

LaDivaCucina said...

Yum, yum, looks great, Eggy! See, the prices are reasonable for your food trucks, here, they all want $8+ for a burger or a sandwich or grilled cheese and really, why would I pay that to eat with no sides, in some lot with a bunch of dirt and broken glass? (thinking of when they park in the gallery district) Unless they are offering something really unusual, which many don't, I would rather sit my butt down at a cafe for the money. Miami food trucks need to lift their game. Also, they don't allow FT on Miami Beach so I saw them at a special event at the botanical gardens but we had already eaten.....Keep up the good work!

moi said...

I was going to mention as well how reasonable those prices are. And how nicely put together the plates. How could anyone resist that exhortation to EAT!?! Genius.

I just found out the owner of my favorite food truck, the one who fulfills my bi-monthly cravings for lengua tacos, is pulling up roots to try and strike it big in Hell-Lay. Noooooooooo!