Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Slow Food Cincinnati Happy Hour This Thursday at The Palm Court Featuring Red Wattle Pork from Orchids Chef Todd Kelly

This sounds like an event too good to pass up.

Slow Food Cincinnati’s facebook page says: "Sorry for the late notice, but we have decided to have a happy hour this Thursday at the Hilton downtown. Chef Kelly has agreed to have some Red Wattle Pork offerings on the happy hour bar menu, and Slow Food Cincinnati will provide a few of those for you to try. The Bar at Palm Court will also have other wonderful half-price appetizers and drink specials until 7:00pm! Click on the event for more details!"

The Red Wattle Pork is no doubt from Dean Family Farms.

More details here. Who’s joining me?

This will be in the more casual (and affordable) bar area at the Palm Court in the Netherland Hilton, but if you haven't experienced Chef Kelly's food or visited this magnificent space lately, this is a great opportunity to do so.


Jenny said...

I would join you if it didn't require changing time zones and a few planes. :-) Looking forward to your review.

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

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very interesting posts with nice presentation..
happy following you..:)
do stop by mine sometime..
Tasty Appetite

Velva said...

I would definitely join you....This would be a great happy hour.


P.S I like your style of blogging about your local food scene. Awesome.

darkfoam said...

yeah, i would have joined you too. but ya know .. i'm down here in the land of vinegar based pulled pork bbq. that's a terrific looking piece of meat, btw.

Sharon Rudd said...

What a fun happy hour! The housemade chorizo was amazing, and the tacos rocked! Props to Chef Kelly and to Dean Family Farm, who supplied the pig! Had the chance to meet yet another local food blogger (Jeff from A Dork and His Pork), as well as some great people from Slow Food Cincy. They do these happy hours every couple of months, and I look forward to the next one, as well as more of their activities.

chickory said...

man you guys have a good food networking system!! I was chatting with some artists recently abut the atlanta food truck movement - the king of pops started it with his gourmet popcicles. ..i thought, how about an art truck movement? would that work? if i twitted, Id bleep out I will be parked at x location come and get some folk art!!

looks good eggy. a dork and his pork. great tagline. happy weekend!!

Aunty Belle said...

wow...I mean, mercy do that look good???

Doan know this Dean Family Farm, but would shure be happy to welcome them to the land of perpetual sunshine. Heh.

Sounds like a splendid event, Eggy. An' what a pretty setting. Yum.

@ Chickory

art truck? Thought ya had that in the summer months up in yore mountains.

moi said...

Looks like buckets of fun! I wish I had both the time and the means to pitch up. One day!

moi said...

Pee Ess. I cooked up that elk and reported at Bite the Apple.

Sharon Rudd said...

So glad you've all stopped by while I've been busy trying to get ready for my Christmas travels! Aunty, during your Porch blogger outage, I didn't get an email to alert me you'd left a comment either. So glad the Porches are back up and running!

Boxer, Jeff from A Dork and His Pork assured me he's in for the Tofu Smackdown!

Chicky, I love the art truck idea!

And I'm off to check out your elk, Moi!

xoxo, eggy

fishy said...

I missed the annual Taste of Our Town gala at the Arts Center this year. Everyone who did attend swore it was the best ever because this year the theme was "local sources".

At least I got to come to this Cinci one vicariously.
You are such a good Egg.