Friday, December 2, 2011

UPDATE: Next Culinary Smackdown Announced!

The deadline isn't until January 15, 2012 January 18, 2012 (Boxer decided to change the date), but Boxer, the reigning winner in our friendly little round-robin virtual cooking competition (for her Butternut Squash Cupcakes with Walnuts and Candied Apricot) has announced the theme of the next Smackdown!

And what is this crafty vegetarian from the Pacific Northwest challenging us with? Battle Tofu! Click here for all the details straight from Boxer herself. It's been great to have some new folks join in the fun lately, and remember that ALL are welcome. Boxer is even planning a prize (handmade, I'm guessing) for whoever takes the top spot at making tofu both look and taste good.

Boxer has been a big supporter of the the Culinary Smackdown, even playing along when I revived our friendly little monthly blogging/cooking contest for Battle Eggplant, an ingredient it turns out she was allergic to. The Smackdown is all about stretching yourself to try something new, so keep January's contest in the back of your mind as you go through your busy holiday season. After the new year rolls around, a new challenge and a bit of whimsy might just be in order.

Speaking of handmade, blogger friend Chickory is hosting a Handmade Holiday at her art studio in Blue Ridge, Georgia this Sunday and I hear some of her offerings will be available online too. ETA: Here's Chicky's website.

Wherever you are, please support handmade and local this holiday season!


moi said...

Tofu. I just knew it :o)

But, hey, it's a viable food product, right?

Jenny said...

Eggy - I realized a Sunday contest might interfere with Haiku Monday so I've changed the date to Wednesday the 18th of January.

Thanks for the great write up and I look forward to seeing what you decide to make.

@Moi - it's viable and sustainable. And tasty. bwahahahahahah

Aunty Belle said...


Please stop by the Porch iffin' ya can spare a moment--burnin' culinary question needs yore input.

As fer the smackdown, did'ja know that Tofu has never, evah won Haiku Monday? Jes' sayin'....

Sigh...I ain't never had no tofu. Or any tofu substitutes--ahahaha!!! But I will attempt to be a grown up 'bout this, an git her done. I'se in.

What I need to know is--can the rules change now that they's posted? 'Cause it occurs to me that even if tofu is the challenge thar's nothin' to say that we cain't garnish it wif' beef burgundy, right?

Thanky fer supportin' home/ handmade an local gifts!!

Sharon Rudd said...

Aunty, glad you're in for Battle Tofu! As for your rules question, I'm the Smackdown cheerleader, not the rules-maker or the judge - for Battle Tofu, that would be Boxer. Since she's vegetarian, you might not make it to the top of her list with a beef burgundy garnish . . .

Off to the porch . . .