Thursday, November 17, 2011

He's Back!

I could hardly believe my eyes when I got home from work tonight. As I walked up to the house, a little buff-colored guy appeared at my side and nonchalantly headed indoors with me as though nothing had happened.

Thankfully Scout seems uninjured, although he definitely lost weight during the week and a half two and a half weeks he disappeared. He headed straight for his food dish once he got inside, followed by a good deal of water slurping.

No doubt something happened during his feline walkabout, although I’ll never know what. He’s atypically docile this evening. He’s shown no interest in going back outdoors and just wants to sit on my lap. I am ever so happy to let him do just that.

ETA: I guess I've been in such a funk over this I lost my ability to do math. Scout was gone for 2 1/2 weeks!

A big thank you to all for sending good vibes our way, and checking back repeatedly. I am immensely relieved to have good news to report at last.

eggy and scout


moi said...

Yay! Scout is home! I'm so happy for you. Just goes to show, how much they still listen to the call of the wild.

darkfoam said...

so glad he's back. actually, come to think about it, my male neutered orange manx cat, who is currently laying beside me, disappeared for over a week about 5 years ago. he also came back scrawny ..
i also thought he was dead. it's like a miracle isn't is?

Sharon Rudd said...

Moi, I don't know whether it was the call of the wild or what, just VERY glad he's home.

Foam, thanks so much. And glad your guy returned and has been with you for another 5 years! It does seem like a miracle he is back!

Jenny said...

Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw the title and was so happy. I had 100% indoor kitty that once got out and was gone for over three weeks... we finally had to trap her after neighbors spotted her in their back yard. That sense of relief to have them back is the sweetness feeling. Glad to know he's thinking it would be a good time to vakay... INSIDE.. where it's warm. :-)

sparringK9 said...

Im crying. I am sooooo sooooo happy Eggy. I can remember when I first adopted Trout and she would leave....I would be waiting for her and night would come. Id be like "i hate Trout! I hope she never comes back" and then I was like. "Where is my baby? Trout come home".

This makes me really happy Egg.

Sharon Rudd said...

Thanks, Boxer and K9! I'm still kinda in shock. I had reached the point where I felt like I'd better just be stoic and move on. Not sure who is more relieved - Scout or me. Poor guy has been through something. He hasn't clung this close to me in years, and he is one pooped kitty. Thank goodness he found his way home!

moi said...

Too bad he didn't have a little Kitty-Cam on his head to record his adventures. What a mystery! My long gone beloved Maine Coon, Buster, used to go on a week or two walkabout every spring, but he stopped when he was about 10. Scout must be a very hearty kitty! And now he needs his mommy :o)

GrumpyGranny said...

I'm so glad your kitty is back home safe. The not knowing is the worst part and that is over. Hopefully he got his fill of adventure and will stay close now. And your previous post with the clams was AWESOME. I'm a bit leery of shellfish here in landlocked Pueblo, so I was drooling.

Sharon Rudd said...

Moi, part of me wishes there was indeed a Kitty-Cam recording. And part of me is terrified at what I'd see :)

GG, yes, the not knowing is very hard. As for those clams, I am so fortunate to have a reliable fishmonger here in landlocked Ohio who brings in great stuff from all over. I don't think he'd be here if he hadn't married a woman from our area :)

Aunty Belle said...


Oh!!!!! wunnerful news, Eggy!!!

KNEW St. Francis would come to the rescue (See prior comment)

Scratch his haid, an' put some cream in his bowl!

LẌ said...

Congrats on the happy reunion!

Dani said...

So very, very happy for you!

Karl said...

Good morning Eggy,

Probably best to think of it as he was off on a vacation or an adventure. Good to see he's back.

Buzz Kill said...

See, cats do what they want with no consideration for the home folk - just like kids.

"No doubt something happened during his feline walkabout, although I’ll never know what."

I think if a litter turns up on your back door step in a few months - you'll know. I'm happy for you.

Sharon Rudd said...

Thanks, Aunty, von, Dani, Karl, and Buzz!

Buzz, if a litter turns up on my back door step, it will be even more of a miracle than him returning from walkabout, if you get my drift :)

Tonight Scout seems to have a little more energy and spunk - but thankfully not enough to make him want to go outdoors :) And I'd swear he's already put some weight back on. We're working our way to our new normal - together :)

fishy said...

Hi Eggy,
I meant to stop in the other evening and congratulate you on Scout's homecoming. Thanks for leaving the update over at the Pond. I know how joyful you are....

just days before I left for my trip our joyful, high energy Spaniel, the one with terrible wanderlust, got out of the fence and away he went. We've had him since bringing him home from a horse show when he fit in my hand. We have never been able to perimeter train him or construct a fence he can't conquer. We have lost him 4 times in 12 years. This last time, someone called the police so he was found and incarcerated in the first 30 hours. When I went to the shelter to claim him the volunteer said, "Is this your animal?"
I looked at a sad, defeated, dull, listless, wet, smelly creature and said with acute disappointment, "No". As we were leaving the dog in the crate made a familiar sound making me turn back for another look. I was shocked at the very thought this could be our lost one! More shocked to have determined that it was indeed our beloved dog and that he could become unrecognizable in such a short time.

One thing for sure, these animal members of our families sure teach us how to pray!