Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Pre-Party

While you're waiting for Boxer's New Year's bash to start tonight at midnight, and if you're not too busy making festive garlands a la Chickory, check out tonight's "Food Feuds" on the Food Channel, where Michael Symon tries to settle the debate as to which of my favorite hometown ice cream vendors is the best. Will it be Aglamesi's?

Or Graeter's?

I count myself lucky to live in a city that boasts both of these stellar ice cream shops!

Happy New Year to all, and please stop back during the weekend and leave a comment to help me raise money for the Freestore Foodbank. You can find more details about what I have planned here. Join in the blogger fun and see what everyone is doing for our virtual New Year's party too!


moi said...

Girl, I gotta football obsessed husband, so I'll have to tape the "Feud." But any time ice cream is involved, count me in!

chickory said...

i think graeters has a store brand - ive seen it! i think i tried it too. rocky road. i love those purple ones..whatta color. i love local and micro ice cream. there is a gelato store here like that...mmmm. and today i had a pistachio and white truffle nitro shake at richard blaises burger joint. very good.

glad you posted some yummies for the NYE party! great for a last gorge menu!


Velva said...

Cheers to you Sharon! I will be back this weekend to leave a comment.

The Glamorous Gourmet said...

I loves me some ice cream & will try to tune in! Happy New Year to you - Cheers!

Sharon Rudd said...

Thanks, everyone for stopping by for the pre-partay! I'm starting my contributions for comments NOW!

Moi, them's the breaks. But both ice creams are to. die. for.

Chickie! Yes, Graeter's has recently expanded to other cities. And I'm dang jealous of visit to Richard Blais's burger joint!

Velva, cheers to you, and thanks so much for borrowing your fab punch for my virtual New Years morning brunch - stop back Saturday morning, everyone!

Stephanie, thanks for stopping by! And I hope you'll pop back over this weekend to see what else I have in store.

Aunty Belle said...

Wow--fun is everywhere --an that ice cream is callin' mah name!

Happy New Year, Eggy!!

LaDivaCucina said...

Happy New Year's Eggy! Will be by again later! Cheers! xo