Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Comment for a Cause This New Year's - And Join in the Virtual Party!

One of my dear blogger friends, Anonymous Boxer, is hosting a virtual New Year's Eve party, and everyone’s invited!

Boxer tends to think “outside the box,” and with the shindig she’s hosting from midnight (E.S.T.) Thursday, December 30 till 3:00 P.M. (E.S.T.) Saturday, January 1, she’s encouraging fun, games, music, food, decorations, and all manner of creative bloggy what-not. Plus she and Mr. Boxer are offering up an array of prizes that include donations to local charities.

As always, Boxer got me thinking. So I’ve decided to host a little shindig of my own and, like the Boxers, I will donate $.50 per comment left on my blog during the same time frame to a local charity of my own choosing: the Cincinnati Freestore Foodbank. If you’re not already a friend of Boxer’s and leave a comment at her place saying “Eggy sent me,” I’ll pony up 50 cents for each of those comments as well.

Although Moi is honchoing the “food” for the bash, I’ll be contributing an appetizer to this virtual potluck. And everyone is welcome back here for New Years “brunch” Saturday morning. I’m headed to the river this weekend, but I’ll have posts scheduled while I’m away and I’ll snag Cindie’s computer when I can to join in the festivities.

You can find more details about Boxer's party here (check out the comments for what other party-goers have planned too). This should be a hoot! So join in the fun and remember, you won't need a designated driver for this party :)


Jenny said...

Yay!Eggy! Love that you're donating to a great LOCAL cause. I hope your comment box runneth over!! I'll see you over the weekend, but let me wish you a very Happy New Year.

Boulder Locavore said...

What a clever idea and how festive. AND generous of you! Loved the photo with the grapes. I just did a post today on good luck food for New Years. Eating 12 grapes at midnight is one of them.

Buzz Kill said...

I look forward to the appetizers. I hope they're limo-friendly.

Anonymous said...

Sounds totally cool! I'll check it out, for sure.