Monday, July 12, 2010


When I lived in NYC eons ago, a favorite affordable pleasure on my meager publishing salary was to while away a few hours at a West Village cafe over cappuccino and cannoli. Cannoli are hard to come by in Cincy, but I stumbled on one at Capri Tavola Calda today!

I love this little restaurant downtown on Walnut between Fourth and Fifth (and blogged about its hauntingly good porchetta and a few of its panini here). I can't recall the last time I purchased dessert for a weekday lunch, but I was not about to let this slip past me. Although my lunch hour was cut short, the universe had good things in store for me today. So I'll be celebrating tonight with cannoli.

Had to come back and edit after eating: Chocolate, cherry, pistachio (and probably some other ingredients I'm forgetting). What a remarkable cannoli filling. Unlike any I've had before. Bravo, Capri!

Happy Monday!


Making Space said...

Go universe!!

Wow that's a beautiful pastry! I don't believe I've ever had a cannoli. Thanks for sharing it!

buffalodick said...

Those aren't easy to make, but very tasty!

Velva said...

THis photo of your delicious cannoli reminds me of my in-laws who are from upstate New York and would visit and bring boxes of pastries that included cannolis-delicious! I can see why you would eat one for lunch.

Sharon Rudd said...

MS, yes, the universe moves slowly, but sometimes in rewarding ways :)

B.D., have you ever tried actually making cannolis? I haven't, although I once found a filling recipe I really wanted to try, then couldn't find a good source for the pastry shells. Getting the cannoli shells right is probably beyond my baking capabilities. Kinda like when I was young and fearless, tried to make eggroll skins from scratch, and eventually gave up.

Velva, sounds like you know what I'm talking about. What a treat to get the real deal when someone brings them to you. Which was why my socks were so knocked off to find this cannoli half a block from my office. And the filling beat all too!

Dani said...

My ass loves cannoli!

Chef Dennis Littley said...

so tonite as you are one with the universe enjoying a delightful cannoli....all will be right!
We do love our cannoli's in Philly!

Heff said...

Wow, that l@@ks GREAT !

Lazaro Cooks said...

I am a big fan of cannolis and yours looks wonderful.