Thursday, July 1, 2010


Where are you spending your holiday weekend? And where do you wish you were spending it? Any special ways you're celebrating Independence Day?

With my feet firmly planted on the ground, I'm looking forward to declaring my independence from elevators for three days, especially after two disconcerting episodes in my office building this week. 

It's not that I can't handle heights. 

In fact, this is where I'd rather be.
I just prefer my heights with views, especially when you can only get there the old-fashioned way.

Dirt roads are good.

A reminder to anyone interested in participating in the next Culinary Smackdown: If your weekend plans include a holiday meal with friends, family, or summer veggies, you may already have an entry in the making for the July contest. Details here.
Then again, if you're bored solo this weekend, looking for diversion from too much fam-damily, or just happen to be a Tony Bourdain fan, you can check out my post about seeing him live. Hmm, so many connotations when it comes to "highs."

Wishing everyone a great weekend! Here's a musical reminder of July's theme:



Making Space said...

I'd like to be somewhere quiet for the holiday. Not much chance of that, but I'll sneak some quiet moments in the evenings and enjoy them...

Love the vid - Janis always astonishes. I still remember where I was when I first heard her voice - coming out of an early boom box in someone's driveway... awesome stuff.. thanks!

Dani said...

Have a great weekend Eggy! :)

We'll be hangin' out at the beach. Hopefully, we can find a little quiet spot to ourselves.

buffalodick said...

Got my fireworks, going to make ribs, and we'll be at a lake with friends- couldn't be better!

moi said...

I think I'll spend my holiday spinning my ancient copy of Pearl!

So this elevator phobia of yours? This is intriguing . . .

Sharon Rudd said...

MS & Dani, hope enjoy whatever quiet you’re able to grab!

B.D., sounds like your fireworks will make for a louder weekend :) Enjoy your ribs and the lake, too!

Moi, call me crazy, but imho, elevators are not supposed to bounce. Nor should they drop unexpectedly, then shoot upward at a high rate of speed. Enjoy your tunes!

Heff said...

Happy 4th ! I'm PRETTY SURE Donna will be IN for the Challenge !

Velva said...

Happy 4th of July to you!
W are planning our normal Sunday gathering but, this time with fireworks. No special recipes, just traditional American recipes like bbq ribs, fried chicken, mac n' cheese, potato salad, etc...

Your elevator ride at work would have freaked me out :-)

LaDivaCucina said...

Eggy, your elevator episode sounds horrific! Yikes!

La Diva is SO not feelin' the love for this country just now and have resisted the urge to post a snarky FB status and just erased what I'd really like to say.

So, in the spirit of not being able to say anything nice I won't say anything at all, Have a great weekend, dear!!!