Monday, June 14, 2010


It's been a busy week, with serious rain and troubling flooding here and elsewhere - even O'Neill, Nebraska, where a disproportionate number of my relatives reside :) Thankfully, I believe everyone from the NE branches of the Eggplant family is safe. Meanwhile, despite weather woes, Team Eggplant managed to pull off its picnic for the June Culinary Smackdown, which I'll post about Wednesday. Big thanks to all our well-wishers - and can't wait to see what everyone else came up with!

Plenty more to feel positive about this Monday, too.

New this summer, Madeira's is a welcome addition to the Cincinnati farmers market scene. I stopped by last Thursday to source some of the ingredients for our picnic, including the gorgeous strawberries at the top of this post, plus garlic scapes, a rye from Shadeau Breads, and some prime salad greens.
I was particularly impressed with the number of local purveyors of naturally raised meats, and sad to have missed the demo by Todd Hudson, chef of Wildflower Cafe, who demo'd early, then had to get back to his restaurant. More info here and here - this market is well worth checking out.

Located in an old roadhouse a couple miles east of New Richmond and with a delightful outdoor seating area where you can eat, drink, and admire the Ohio River views, Anna Ree's Andouille is a gem of a family-owned restaurant, featuring New Orleans-style food and more, including enormous frog legs, gigantic fried oysters, a crispy flatbread topped with crawfish, steaks, burgers, and inventive specials. They also offer live music on the weekends - outside when the weather is conducive. They had a very successful music festival Memorial Day weekend, Lagniappe has more upcoming gigs, and Vince Gill was a near-miss awhile back - you just never know . . . Although you can count them to keep you up to date on their facebook page.

They've turned a portion of the huge lawn that leads from the restaurant to the riverbank into their own garden. Can't wait for their tomatoes to be ready, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed their zucchini blossoms will make into a special sometime soon.
Gotta love a garden where the scarecrow sports Mardi Gras beads!

Upon return from my weekend gallivanting, I found something truly special in my mailbox.
When I commented about this photo Dani posted on her blog, GardeningUnderTheFloridaSun, asking what the heck it was, she informed me it was speckled trout lettuce, and offered to send me some of her extra seeds.
Lookie what all she sent!
I am inspired by Dani's photographs and the glimpses she shares of her world every time I read her blog. I doubt I will ever become the gardener she is or achieve her level of photographic mastery, but she continually gives me something to aspire to. Her blog brings beauty into my world in a way that always makes me stop, at least for a few moments, from thinking about the jagged edges of my own day-to-day life. And her photos live in my mind's eye as I sally forth. I am honored and moved by your gift, and your friendship, Dani. Enjoy your mom's visit, and I hope The Girlz continue on the mend!

Wishing a happy Monday to all, especially my new friends in the blogosphere!


Dani said...

You are a sweet one Eggy! xoxo

Sharon Rudd said...

You are a sweet one too, Dani. Thanks for enriching my world!