Saturday, February 13, 2010


This was the site of my Third Annual Beach Blanket Birthday Bash last weekend. Gotta love friends who will trek through sleet and snow to help you celebrate. We rented the same cabin at Lake Cowan State Park as last year, and despite the 5-6" of snow that came down Friday night, the staff had the roads plowed and even scooped the sidewalk up to our front door before we were up Saturday morning. Now that's easier than being at home! This party is a twist on celebrating Christmas in July. Since my birthday is in February, we turn up the heat, don Hawaiian shirts and sandals, decorate with tiki lights, put beach towels on the furniture, sip tropical drinks, and eat seafood. This year Becky brought an array of fabric to hang on the decidely un-tropical wood paneling of the cabin, and we joked that the pool was just on the other side of this faux cabana curtain. The tropical drink this year was one Becky discovered in Hawaii years ago - a sweet concoction of rum, banana liqueur, macadamia nut liqueur (who knew there was such a thing?), Bailey's, vanilla and coffee ice cream, and banana. Alas, I didn't snap a pic, but I sure got a kick out of this beer-can cozy she gave me.

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