Friday, February 26, 2010


30 days til your birthday is here 30 days til your birthday Mark one down and Wait for the next 29 days til your birthday is here To be sung to the tune of: Bernie, as you can probably tell, we're not going to let the sun go down on this birthday thing. After all, we know where you come from: You may have been bumped around a few times. And tilted occasionally. Hey, we all know life can be a roller coaster ride. But one person's shut out is another person's perfect game. You've had some major achievements. And reached some pretty tall heights. So . . . relax and sit back. Grab a beer. Imagine you're in the tropics. Just let this birthday thing waft over you . . . And remember that you'll always be younger than Elton John, Billy Joel - or me. As Dylan would say, Hang on, er, sloopy, only 30 days to go. :) Your big sis

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