Monday, January 7, 2013

Jose Salazar and Mark Bodenstein Doing Pop-Up Dinners at Pallet23

I’ve had my eye on the progress of Pallet23 for a while. This “event space/urban kitchen” in a converted Northside warehouse at 3932 Spring Grove Ave. is set to open Jan. 18 with a private reception 5:30-8:00 followed by an open house. I can’t wait to see all the uses it will be put to!

Its “demo-style” kitchen will be available to chefs, emerging chefs, and local food artisans, says owner Laura Chenault, who also intends for Pallet23 to act as a “hub and platform for the food community.” Laura has organized the Second Sunday on Main Celebrity Chef Demos for the past five summers in OTR and confirms similar events will take place at Pallet23 on weekends. The space is equipped for photo and video shoots and available on flexible “a la carte” rental terms for recipe testings and demos, dinner parties ranging from BYO/potlucks to fully catered events, corporate meetings, off-site brainstorming sessions, art shows, movie screenings, dance parties, benefits, and community outreach. A Springboard business, Pallet23 will also serve as a showcase for other Springboarders Laura has partnered with to bring her business to life.

I’m itching to see the space in person and will bring back pics and more info when I do. Meanwhile, Laura tells me Pallet23 will host a 14 to 24-seat private Sunday Supper Club with targeted invites initially. Jose Salazar, formerly of The Palace and now chef at Abigail Street, will kick off the inaugural Supper Club. Mark Bodenstein, now chef at Nicholson’s, is slated to do the second. Pricing will depend on each chef’s menu, Laura tells me.

Stay tuned for more about this unique Cincinnati business!

P.S. Today is my blogiversary. I had planned what would have been a long-winded post about all the things I’m looking forward to in year #4. But maybe I’ll make good on my resolution to keep things shorter and more newsy. At least sometimes. Big thanks to all who have followed and supported this blog, and to my food-loving friends old and new!


Buzz Kill said...

So are you one of the lucky ones to get invited to the supper club? That would be cool - if you can afford it. You really have (and have found) some really interesting food places in Cincinnati - who knew? I enjoy reading about them.

Good luck in your 4th year.

moi said...

Happy Bloggie Anniversary. I've enjoyed every tasty morsel of writing!