Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Gonna Be a Great Food Weekend in Cin-tucky!

An inadvertent slip of the finger on the keyboard. A 50-minute call from an unemployed friend who finally got a job interview. Replying to generous responses for a fundraising effort. Some fact- and link-checking. And the next thing I know, the post I'd hoped for isn't gonna happen and my suitcase still isn't packed.

But you can still take advantage of a lot of great food events this weekend, even if I'm not able to link them all. Google it, people. Or find this stuff on facebook. Here are just a few:

The last NOM (Night Owl Market) of the season Friday night, with food trucks and a Halloween costume contest that could net you tickets to some great arts events.

The Dutch's / Oscar Blues "Hops and Heifers" beer and burgers tasting Friday night. And keep your eye out for more events at Dutch's. The Larder can definitely step up to the plate with wine dinners (as I discovered with their inaugural event Monday).

There's also Findlay Market's Fall Festival, complete with Pie-Baking Contest, and Taste the World Tour!

I am sorry to miss my hometown events, but I will be traveling one last weekend this fall, to Lexington for the Incredible Food Show, a first-class food show that costs just $15 and is only a 1.5 hour drive from Cincinnati. The ways in which it inspired me last year are coming full circle, and I wouldn't miss this for the world.

In crazy, unexpected turns of events, I've met OH and KY chefs, farmers, cheesemakers, beekeepers, mushroom cultivarors, and a great bunch of food bloggers from north and south of the Ohio River. I've backed away from my computer and become involved in my local food community. Thanks to new friends, I've also looked southward and explored. I've discovered my inner food geek when it comes to learning from demos. And I somehow have discovered my inner volunteer.

Here's a Save the Date tip: The Golden Lawnchair from Cincinnati Nomerati goes live Nov. 18, and some of Cincy's best are contributing to the raffle!

Enjoy your weekend!

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