Thursday, July 5, 2012

MarketGarden for World Choir Games: Cincy Food Trucks and More at 5th + Race

The entire parking lot at the northwest corner of 5th and Race has been turned into what the City of Cincinnati is calling MarketGarden during the World Choir Games. It includes the largest number of Cincinnati food trucks I've seen permitted to congregate in one place so far, plus other food booths, some non-food vendors (some selling World Choir Games memorabilia), and beverages - you can even get beer here.

If you were up for that sort of thing rather than making a quick walk to pick up lunch and return to your office, as I did today. Here are just a few of the booths/trucks I spotted today.

EAT!, Taco Azul, Chilly Willy's

Queen City Cookies, Kona Ice

Mecklenberg's and Eddie's BBQ

Taste of Julia's and Ruby's

Mr. Gene's Doghouse and the Queen City Cookies Schnecken Shack Truck

Choir Games Memorabilia and non-food vendors

Sugar Plum Cupcakery and Cafe de Wheels

Some of these I'm familiar with, some I'm looking forward to checking out on future visits during World Choir Games. The City hasn't published a comprehensive list of vendors, even on their facebook page for MarketGarden, although a good source for Cincy food truck updates in one place is here. Today I did not spot any of the anticipated produce vendors.

The Sugar Plum Cupcakery is also selling Madisono's sorbets and gelati! Sadly, the Queen City Cookies Schneckenmobile will not be offering their award-winning bacon schnecken here during the World Choir Games, although they will have their regular schnecken and many fabulous cookies.

MarketGarden has not been well publicized by the City, and the weather has been brutal. It is my understanding the cost is being borne by vendor fees, so I hope you'll check out what they have to offer and support. The booths are under tents, and there is also a large tented area on the north side of 5th Street for diners at MarketGarden. Plus one of these giant misters that are also on Fountain Square.

My lunch choice today was the glazed shrimp basket from New Orleans to Go. Partly because I wanted to check up on Mr. Randy. Thankfully he is out of the hospital after his weekend episode (he drove his food truck directly to the ER after feeling chest pains).

It was too hot inside the truck for Toya and Randy to turn on the oven for their famous Po-Boy's. But this shrimp basket with a refreshing Strawberry Jazz Lemonade was just what the doctor ordered today for me (now that I can finally walk the block from my office to 5th and Race after my unfortunate "frozen food meets foot" incident).

Sing, dance, eat, and explore the wonders of Cincinnati as we welcome our international guests for World Choir Games! Feel free to share more in the comments here about what's going on at MarketGarden and all around town for these festivities!


Buzz Kill said...

World Choir Games? Who knew there was such a thing. I guess Cincinnati will use any excuse to form up food trucks.

Schnecken? Who knew there was such a thing? Oh, they're cinnamon buns - got it.

Sharon Rudd said...

This is the first time the World Choir Games have been held in the U.S. and this is a huge event for Cincy. Unfortunately, the weather has been horrid - we hit 104 degrees today. But you know me, I had to give a shout-out to my food truck peeps!

LaDivaCucina said...

Frozen food meets foot incident? OUCH! Hope it was green peas and not a roast!

I feel for you guys with the heat....I'm just so used to sweat constantly dripping down my back six months out of every year, I forget that other people don't know what it's like....stay cool with that jazz lemonade, mama! xoxo