Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Culinary Smackdown Reminder

Scout and I have spent a quiet weekend reflecting on 2011 and looking forward to 2012. At least I have. Who knows what's going on his kitty brain as he snoozes on my lap? I'm just glad he's back home with me.

My calendar is already filling up with 2012 events and adventures to look forward to. The first on my eggy dance card is the January Culinary Smackdown hosted by Anonymous Boxer. Details at her place here.

After her win, Boxer elected to make our January challenge Battle Tofu. Some may turn their noses up at tofu, but I am having fun researching recipes, and have the first of many 2012 field trips in mind. If you're up for eating lighter now that the holidays have passed, here's a nice tofu primer from blogger Call Me Old Fashioned, where I found the photo at the top of this post.

The deadline for this month's Smackdown is Wednesday, January 18, 2012. This friendly little blogging contest is a great way to stretch yourself to try cooking something new, and I'm always inspired by what everyone else comes up with. Whether you've participated before or are ready to tackle something new, ALL are welcome to join in the fun. The Smackdown winner receives bragging rights and gets to serve as host, judge, and "theme picker" for the next month's contest. Plus you can snag a Chickory-designed CS badge for your blog. If tofu isn't your thing but you'd like to join in another month, you can always find updates on my sidebar by clicking the image under "Where in the World is the Next Culinary Smackdown?"

Wishing you all a tasty 2012 filled with new beginnings, and happiness and success in whatever ways you define those terms for yourself.

xoxo, eggy


Jenny said...

Thank you for the reminder and what a great photo of tofu you found! I'm going to post something mid-week but this great because of your foodie friends will see it here first.

Happy New Year!

Sharon Rudd said...

Boxer, I am so glad that I've rounded up some local Cincy food bloggers to participate. And I received a new kitchen appliance as a gift for xmas that I'm chomping at the bit to use :)

GrumpyGranny said...

I have my ingredients and I think I'll be creating today and tomorrow. This is going to be one interesting challenge!


Jen said...

Sadly, count me out of this one. Per my allergy doctors orders I'm avoiding soy products, so tofu is on my do-not-eat list. But I will happily cheer you all on and hopefully drop back in for the next one!

Buzz Kill said...

I've been thinking on this during my absence and I think I have it down to 2 recipes. Intrigued? So am I.

Happy New Year.

Sharon Rudd said...

Granny, I knew I could count on you to be in for the Smackdown - can't wait to see what you come up with!

Jen, sorry you can't tofu with us, but please do take a gander at everyone's offerings.

Buzz!!!!!!!! I am SO glad to hear from you. Your silence had us worrying about you. I will look forward to what you make - and glad if the Smackdown prompted you to break your silence :)

GrumpyGranny said...

I may be "unteachable" at video games, but I can slice a mean block of tofu! ;-)


moi said...

I made your nana's chocolate cake this weekend and sent you a couple emails about it. Overall, the consensus in Moi's household is: YUMMY! We'll see if my tofu recipe elicits the same response. Doubtful, but one can hope.

Sharon Rudd said...

GG, no doubt you are bringin' the fierce to that tofu :)

Moi, so glad you liked the cake! But darn, I didn't get your emails. P.S. I just sent you one.

xoxo, eggy

Jeff said...

Happy New Year to you too! I have made a resolution to post every Sunday this year, and my tofu idea is on the list!

I learned so much from everyone the last time.

Anyway, Happy 2012 - and I hope that the year finds you happy, well-fed, and full of ideas.

Velva said...

I enjoy tofu when someone else makes it. I have never been able to make it happen in my own kitchen. Looking forward to seeing the challenge unfold.


P.S. That is a great tofu photo.

Happy New Year!

Lori said...

Thanks for letting me know about this. I've got tofu on my grocery list and I'm going to try to get in this round. I've actually never made it at home before so it will challenge me as well! I also shared it with the KY Food Bloggers FB group. Hopefully you'll get some takers.

Sharon Rudd said...

Jeff, hooray for your resolution to post every week and join in the tofu festivities. I'm full of beans (or bean-curd ideas) and I'm always well-fed by the ideas of my food blogger friends :)

Velva, thanks as always. I can't claim credit for that photo, but gave credit to where I found it :)

Lori! Would love for you to join in the Smackdown, and thanks for sharing with the KY Food Bloggers group - y'all have a mighty lot of talent!

Jenny said...

Thanks Eggy and all of you who are going to participate in the next Culinary Smackdown! Let's take tofu to a new level. OK, let's just take tofu off the "forget it" list.

Jen - I'm sorry you're having food issues and hope removing soy helps you! :-)