Thursday, March 24, 2011

They're ba-a-ack!

Oh, yes, my friends. I am now a card-carrying member of the New Orleans To Go fan club!

On St. Patrick's Day Eve, NOLA To Go's facebook page perked back to life, and when I walked over to 5th and Race last Thursday, I was thrilled to see the "Mobile Food Vendors Only" zone back in action, with Cafe de Wheels, Mr. Gene's Doghouse, NOTG, and the pretzel guy all in attendance. St. Patrick's Day, March Madness, and a welcome burst of spring weather - plus food trucks!

They haven't all been there everyday since (they're mobile, you know), and goodness knows our March weather has been shifty, in typical Cincinnati fashion. But it's great to have 5th and Race return to my lunchtime rotation.

The big blue Taco Azul food truck plans to make its official Cincinnati debut next Thursday, Opening Day. And with the frenzy of baseball-goers and the Opening Day parade, which starts at Findlay Market, I think we can count on some serious street food presence.

Meanwhile, I'm getting my much-missed fix of New Orleans To Go's sweet fixin's, and salivating over what else they have in store.

Last Thursday, I had their Oyster Po'boy with sweet potato fries and apple butter.

Today I had their glazed shrimp po'boy . . .

. . . and this creamy, sweet, fresh lobster, shrimp, corn chowder. It surely warmed me up after my walk and wait in the chill air (they cook to order) and made it all worthwhile.

New Orleans To Go has Lenten Friday specials planned, like "fried fish, mac and cheese, creole potato salad and real cornbread." And I can't wait until a fried green tomato and grilled shrimp po'boy with remoulade sauce makes its appearance.

Stay tuned to their facebook page for news about their crawfish boil. When I asked about it today, they told me they're waiting for the crawfish to get bigger and aiming for sometime after Easter. Sounds like it may be a pre-pay/pre-order deal where you buy by the pound  - and get potatoes and corn to go with.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend you check out whatever specials the New Orleans To Go food truck is offering up (offerings change daily).

And ask for one of their new customer loyalty cards like the one at the top of this post. A lot of frequent-buyer cards offer "buy 9 - get the 10th free" incentives. This is "buy 5 - get the 6th free." Of course, I'd be back, regardless.

Enjoy your Friday, and your weekend. I'll be back with more from my Louisville trip - and those red penguins.


theminx said...

Yum! We need a po'boy truck in Baltimore!

Karl said...

Good morning Eggy,

Looks very tasty, an Oyster poorboy is hard to beat.

Jenny said...

My city is just now getting around to allowing food trucks. Big politics between local restaurants and the food trucks have kept them away from the more densely populated areas of town. We had an amazing Mexican truck near my office but they pulled out a few weeks ago. Boo!

Great post. Have a great weekend.

darkfoam said...

never fails .. i'm starved now .. lol ..
and drool ..

Chef Dennis Littley said...

how I wish we had those wonderful food trucks in Philly! I would have earned my free po-boy that afternoon!!
Thanks for sharing those wonderful food trucks with us!

chickory said...

this is food i want to eat!! i love po boys and the shrimp one looks divine. i think food trucks are cool. im going to have a gumbo wagon. yeah. youd get a cupa, a great piece of french bread with that super fat butter from france and a drink.

great photos!
glad you had a good time!

Magic of Spice said...

An oyster po'boy sounds fantastic!

Dani said...

I think this is such a wonderful thing! And gives yah something to forward to in the spring.

moi said...

Buy five, get one free? That would take me, oh, about an hour :o)

Oyster po'boys are my absolute favorite. Actually, anything with fried oyster on them.

Sharon Rudd said...

Thanks, all, for your kind comments! If I can make you hungry with my photos, or encourage you to support some of the great food truck vendors out there (in my city, or yours), I feel like I'm doing my eggy job :)

There are more red penguins and food posts from my Louisville trip to come. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience while I'm having a busy week at my day job. And, oh, yeah, tomorrow night is the finale of Top Chef All-Stars (my other blogging night job:

xoxo, eggy