Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pumpkin Chuck

What to do on a clear, crisp post-Halloween Saturday in Cincinnati? I donned my long-johns and headed to Stanbery Park for the Pumpkin Chuck.

Here's how it works. You can bring your own leftover jack-o-lantern.

Or you can buy a pumpkin there.

And for a modest donation that benefits the park, you get to launch your pumpkin in one of these puppies.
These aren't just catapults, kids. They're the far superior trebuchets, according to a conversation I overheard at the Chuck where some guys were discussing this in great detail.

Or you could just look at it with the wide-eyed glee of all the kids who got to watch their pumpkins shot into the sky.

And then splat down the hill, turning into compost.

Despite the chill, there was a good crowd for this neighborhood festival. And even a pumpkin queen.

Local public radio station WNKU broadcast from the event (loved DJ The Real Mary Peale's seasonal playlist), and I was happy to see the food vendors who chose to participate, including Jean-Paul's Paradiso, Luckman's Coffee (huge line for hot drinks from them!), and Fireside Pizza (who I managed to catch at the food truck location at 5th and Race a couple of weeks ago - I hear they plan to be there more often as their regular trips to farmers market and festivals like these wind down for the season).

But the food I really came here for was from Tom + Chee, a favorite of mine since they started last winter on Fountain Square next to the ice rink. I've missed them since they were ousted from Fountain Square for the installation of the rink this year, but can't wait until they have their Court Street brick-and-mortar location up and running. I'll have more to post about them, but for now, here are photos of their Pepperoni + Chee sandwich and cheesy pumpkin soup I warmed up with today after the Chuck.

Stay warm, all, and enjoy your weekend!


Jenny said...

ahahahahahahahhaha. So much better than finding them smashed in the street. Great picture of the one in the air.

LaDivaCucina said...

I just love this! A way to get out stress and compost, what could be better? So green so fun! I'm lovin the flyer too...mmmm....grilled cheese and punkin' soup? YUM!

Big Shamu said...

I know I'd pay more money to have them try and hit targets. Like our old crappy copy machine. So do they have records of the longest Chuck?

Alessandra said...

I have never seen anything like it!!! I have to show your photos to my kids, they would have loved being there, especially the boy, seeing to catapults!!!!

Have a great day/evening/whatever hour is there now ;-)


Sharon Rudd said...

The Chuck was big fun!

Boxer, glad you liked the pic I finally caught of one in the air. Food stays put in front of a camera; launched pumpkins, not so much.

Diva, can't wait until Tom + Chee opens their brick & mortar location. Great comfort food, and their soups just keep getting better.

Shamy, it would be quite a feat to make the pumpkins hit actual targets . . . it's only the fourth year for these contraptions, but I'll bet the guys who keep building them would love to see that happen. For now, I think it's a good thing there's a large roped-off area and a very long, wide hill.

Allesandra, have a great day/evening/whatever it is there too! I found a couple of youtube videos that blogger didn't want me to post, but maybe I can post them to facebook. I'll bet your kids would enjoy them.

Jeff said...

What an awesome idea! I like the combination of food and artillery.

I never quite knew what a "Trebuchet" was, so thank you. I knew it as an obscure chess term and my favorite sans-serif font, but wasn't sure of its origins.

Great post!

Sharon Rudd said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jeff! Always good to have a fellow font geek, and pork lover, in the house. P.S. Loved your bacon toffee post.

moi said...

The town just to the east of me is famous for its punkin' chunkin' activities. Next year, my husband is going to build a catapult. Can't wait!

Shaheen said...

There is nothing like this in the u.K, but then again Halloween is only taking off here. I think its a grande idea, what a way to recycle and have fun in the process.

Chef Dennis Littley said...

A trebuchet would be fun to play with, I can just see the pumpkins sailing through the air!!
The animals have been making short work of our pumpkins, I'm glad someone is enjoying them.
I'm glad you had a good day out!