Sunday, October 24, 2010


One of the reasons I decided to start my own blog was so I could participate in Dim Sum Sundays, hosted by Big Shamu of The Karmic Kitchen from time to time. This Sunday's theme is "Heart Healthy," and I had the best of intentions to make a dinner along these lines, until my weekend was overrun by purchasing a new eggy-mobile. Since the DSS "rules" are on the loose side, I'm including two that were inspirations for what I had hoped to make. Maybe they'll inspire you too.
This is the zucchini crudo I made one night on my California vacation. It's a Michael Symon recipe that I was especially inspired to try after reading this post from Joanne at Eats Well With Others. With thin-sliced zucchini (I used yellow summer squash as well), lemon zest, lemon juice, olives, feta, dill, and a wee bit of olive oil, it was a remarkably satisfying dish. Check out Joanne's post for her version of the recipe.

I had in mind to pair it with venison, which is much leaner than most beef. Some may wrinkle their nose at the notion of carpaccio, but venison carpaccio is one of my favorite dishes, and I'm still thinking it would be great to augment it with this zucchini salad, especially since both would be delicious with this Winterhill lemon olive oil I found in CA.

And here's another gem of an idea, which I picked up from fork.heart.knife - a fabulous new local food business that serves up an outstanding brunch (plus dinners Thurs. and Fri. nights) in addition to their catering capers. It's a salad of apple slices, raw beet matchsticks, and sliced celery, lightly dressed in lemon oil. Very refreshing and flavorful - who knew raw beets could be so good? It made for a great side to fhk's brunch strata (which I tried to crop out of the photo for, you know, the purposes of this heart healthy post).
See what the rest of the DSS gang is cooking up by checking the comments over at Shamu's place. And a happy DSS to all!


Dani said...

I can't wait to try these out Eggy! They look great!

Happy Dim Sum Sunday!

Big Shamu said...

Good to see a fun veggie submission plus a great use for those summer squash that seem to multiply like Tribbles. Love that it's low sodium because that's what I'm watching right now. Apparently I am a salt freak.

Great entries Eggy, Happy Dim Sum Sunday!

moi said...

Few things are more healthy than grating and chopping various fun fruit/veggie combos and sprinkling them with olive oil and some vinegar. So easy and tasty!

Venison carpaccio? Be still my heart. Actually, be still my heart on any carpaccio. But venison is so unsung—and very heart-healthy.

Making Space said...

That all looks incredible!!! And I've never had venison carpaccio - where I live the raw stuff is all fish - but I'd totally be down for trying it.

Happy DSS!

Buzz Kill said...

I'm with Moi on the carpaccio. I had a beef carpaccio at a restaurant in Atlantic City many years ago that I still remember. And I'm digging the crudo too. That's one I could make for the family (sans olives - the Mrs again).

Happy DDS!

LaDivaCucina said...

I love carpaccio but where the heck do you get venison? Want some. Eggy, your dishes looks so crunchy and delicious, why am I looking at 5 pm, my worst hunger time?! I've been doing a raw beet salad with goat cheese, pistachios and oranges. Very nice if you don't go overboard on the cheese and nuts! PS: What kinda car didja get?

Sharon Rudd said...

Thanks to all for stopping by! Glad to hear that many of you don't wrinkle your nose at carpaccio! Good to have adventuresome friends:)

Dani and MS, loved your DSS entries!

Shamy, your low-fat tarte tatin divine, even if you did pronounce it bit overdone. And thanks, as always, for hosting DSS!

Buzz, the zuke crudo is super simple - I hope you make it.

Moi, I figured you for a venison afficianado :)

Diva, my part of Ohio is so overrun with deer that it's not unusual to see them in the middle of the city, and I'm lucky to have friends who know hunters (and my love of venison), so I'm sometimes gifted with it and sometimes can buy it through friends for the processing cost. And I got a Honda Fit.

Alessandra said...

I don't eat zucchini raw often, but this recipe sounds great!

Katerina said...

I have had once a zucchini salad and I loved evey bite. From that time I was trying to recreate it. I will try this as it looks very promising.

LaDivaCucina said...

Guess what? i managed to participate in this DSS, two days late! haha! I checked out your car, Eggy, very cute! Enjoy it!