Friday, May 7, 2010


Why, oh why, did it take me this long to try kumquats? What did I think they would taste like, and why did I shy away from them? They're small (about the size of grape tomatoes - at least the ones I picked up at my local Bigg's this week). Maybe what swayed me to buy them this time was the packaging material that said "fully edible." Yes, you can eat skin and all, no extra work involved. The thin citrus skin is the sweetest part of the fruit. The interior is just a tad bitter (or was that the seeds, so small you don't really have to work around them?). Glad I decided to pick some up for my Cinco de Mayo fruit salsa to take to work. Now I'm obsessed with exploring other uses with them.

Work week, upcoming travel plans, and The Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2010 have foiled my plans to participate in any virtual cooking fests this weekend. So . . .

Peace, out.



LaDivaCucina said...

No pumpkins? We have a Caribbean pumpkin down here called calabaza and it's plentiful at the grocery store. Weird.

Shamy loves kumquats and made some good stuff with hers in a post not too long ago. I sliced mine up and put into a caramel sauce over home made apple cake!! yum yum!

Big Shamu said...

hmmmmm, LaDiva's right, I have a jar of them in my fridge. hmmmmmmm.