Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dim Sum Sunday: KIDS' CHOICE

"OK, kids. Shamu over at The Karmic Kitchen says that for this week's Dim Sum Sunday, you get to choose what we cook."

I.E.:  "So what'll it be? How about stuffed peppers . . .

" . . .  with farro, bismati rice, kalamata olives, and sundried tomatoes?"

#1: "Ewwww!"
#2: "Yick!"
#3 (rolls eyes): "You're weird."

I.E.: "Then how about a nice salad . . .

". . . with some Maytag blue cheese . . .

" . . . and pickled carrots?"
 #1: "Ewwww!"
#2: "Yick!"
#3 (rolls eyes): "You're weird."

I.E.: "Well, we could bake . . .

"How about some kale and carrot muffins?"

#1: "Ewwww!"
#2: "Yick!"
#3 (rolls eyes): "You're weird."

I.E.: "Now, kids, remember you're in The Eggplant Kitchen. We like to try new things around here.  I have an idea. What about hot dogs . . .

" . . .with fig mustard?
"And corn on the cob . . .
" . . . with shallot-rosemary-blood orange composed butter?"

#1: "Ewwww!"
#2: "Yick!"
#3 (rolls eyes): "You're weird."

I.E.: "I've got it. Let's make pizzas, and everyone can top them with whatever they like."

#1: "I want sausage on mine."

#2: "I want mushrooms on mine."

#3: "You're weird, #2. I just want cheese on mine."

I.E.: "And I want pears and Brie on mine, just the way Aunt Della used to make it."

In unison: "You're weird."

I.E.: "Well, I'm going to write down the recipe anyway, just in case anyone else wants to try it."

Della's Brie and Pear Pizzas

Cut prepared or purchased pizza dough into 2 1/4" rounds and place on pizza stone or lightly oiled baking sheet.

Combine in food processor: 1 tablespoon each of cilantro, basil, cream, water, and oil. Salt to taste.

Spread half the mixture over the rounds. Cover with thin slices of pear, then top with sliced Brie and remainder of mixture. Bake 15 minutes at 375 or until done.

I.E.: "Okay, kids, let's get 'em into the oven."

 I.E.: "Great job, kids! Yours look tasty!"

I.E.: "And I'm happy with the way mine turned out too."

I.E.: "So what's for dessert? I know - we could make banana splits. . .
" . . .  with Madisano's French vanilla gelato. And I'll show you how to make an easy chocolate ganache to drizzle over the top."

#3 (rolls eyes): "There she goes again."

I.E.: "But we'd better go ahead and get our DSS post up. So for now, let's wish everyone a happy Dim Sum Sunday."

I.E. and the egg-lets (in unison): "Happy Dim Sum Sunday!"

For more DSS fun - and fabulous photos - head on over to The Karmic Kitchen.


Making Space said...

That's hysterically funny! Who knew eggplant offspring were as obnoxious as their human counterparts! Haha

Big Shamu said...

Oh Eggy, if I had known what havoc I would be causing at Chez Eggplant I would have helped out but heck I didn't even know there were 3 Little Unique Eggplants.

Bravo with an assignment that went off the rails for you. Those pizzas look fab.

Happy Dim Sum Sundays Kids (yes, I know, we're weird)

Dani said...

HOWL!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job Eggy! This one ROCKED!

Buzz Kill said...

I know exactly where your coming from on the reactions to trying new things. I would have proposed baba ganoush and eggplant parmasian. See how that sets with the little dears. Really entertaining post.

Happy DSS!

Sharon Rudd said...

Thanks to all for stopping by! Sometimes there’s a fine line between funny and stupid, and as I worked on my third attempt at ears and umpteenth try at photographing the egg-lets, I began to wonder which side of that line I was on. Thanks for being amused – and “getting” my weirdness 


LaDivaCucina said...

You really photographed all that? Well done, girl! Very funny and clever and the pizza don't look too bad either!! (wanna come and cook for me? Too jetlagged to even think about it! WAH!)

Sharon Rudd said...

Oh, yeah, I photographed all that. Nowhere to go but up with the new camera :) Diva, you're welcome to stop by for dinner - lots of prop leftovers to use up. I was thinking of eggplant parm with the remaining tomato-basil pizza sauce, but my little munchkins are a little worse for wear after their photo shoot(s), so they may be reduced to baba ganoush, like Buzz suggested.