Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 is ending with a bang here in Eggyland. Somehow I’ve reached an all-time high of 798 page views so far today. The vast majority were for this post about the blogger bash last New Year’s Eve hosted by dear friend Anonymous Boxer, where we raised a substantial sum for our respective local charities. If you're hungry in the morning, you are welcome to a reprise of the virtual New Year's brunch I offered up as my contribution to the festivities. I rewatched Boxer’s recap video last night and teared up again at how much this merry band of bloggers means to me.

Boxer’s soiree sure got 2011 off on a good foot, and the good blogging karma has continued. In the past year I’ve made some wonderful new friends and met some amazing chefs, food vendors, and local bloggers in person. I continue to be inspired by the awesome folks in my blogging community, near and far, who are talented in so many ways, and whose generosity of spirit is a treasure.

Thank you all from the bottom of my eggy heart, and wishing you a great 2012!



Grumpy Granny said...

It's been great reading all your yummy posts, seeing your photos and getting to hear all about the foodie scene in Cinci and other places. If you need a road trip this year, the invite is still open to come to Denver in July and watch me attempt that triathlon. I'll be hungry afterwards, so we can go someplace fun to EAT!!

Happy New Year, Eggy!!
Hugs from GG

Boxer said...

I loved that party last year and had hoped to repeat in some fashion, but things just didn't align this year. Still, you did a great job and one of the nicest things that happened was adding you to my blog roll afterwards.

I wish you a wonderful and happy 2012 - filled with Scout and food and everything that makes you Eggy.

Dani said...

Happy New Year Eggy!

Aunty Belle said...


Luved revisiting that video! What a time we had, huh?

Happy Happy New Year, Eggy! Youse an amazin' food photographer an' critc--a real talent.

fishy said...

Happy New Year Eggy!
What a lovely tribute to the beginning of 2011 for us all. I do believe that was an important bond for us each. Fun too! Thanks for the video dejavu.

Intuitive Eggplant said...

GG! Happy New Year to you. Your cooking and other endeavors have been such an inspiration in the past year, and I thank you so much for supporting the Smackdown! Remind when in July that triathlon takes place. I’m already making plans for some mini road trips in 2012 but have yet to decide on a big one. And you know how much I heart Colorado :)

Boxer, you have become a dear and treasured bloggy friend. Although my 2011 had its share of bumps along the way, there were a remarkable number of highs I could never have anticipated, and it certainly didn’t hurt that the year got kick-started on a karmically good note with your suggestion of donations. You may not have hosted another NYE par-tay this year, but your example prompted me to make donations to three organizations doing important work with food as I head into 2012. I hope the Sept. 2012 NYC blogger summit comes to pass (but that it’s not the weekend of Sept. 22, when I’m hoping to see Ruth Reichl speak in Lexington). It would be one of the highlights of the year to meet you, Moi, Chickory, and more of my long-distance bloggy friends!

Dani! Wishing you a wonderful year and much fun with your new camera, the banjo, and that amazing garden of yours. You always light up my world!

Aunty, yep, we had us quite a time last NYE, and a remarkable year unfolded afterward. Scout says thanks for your prayers that he return home safely, and I second that!

Fishy! So glad you enjoyed the video déjà vu – and so glad I’ve gotten to know you and other bloggers thanks to Boxer’s festivities last NYE! May you, Blowfish, and Mermaid have a fine 2012, and your pond be filled with happiness and all the successes you wish for yourself!

Courtney said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to more of your delicious posts!