Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

The new eggy-mobile did just fine on its first road trip this weekend. Big thanks to my friends who know how throw a party!

As a treat for those of you who expressed interest in my venison carpaccio during last Dim Sum Sunday, I did get around to making it, with a bit of zucchini and some smoked garlic I found at Findlay Market, and capers (of course).
Cheers! And wishing all a happy halloween!


ThatJewCanCook said...

Venison carpaccio, now that sounds fantabulous. I love my gamey meats, and never thought about having it raw! Nice to see that even though the eggplant may be to go, there is a meat sidecar!

Dani said...

Hope you had a great Halloween Eggy!

LaDivaCucina said...

Divine! Now, Eggy, if that's YOUR PLACE on Halloween, I can't wait to see Christmas! Is your decoration storage space as big as your house?! You are too funny! Carpaccio.....yum!

Buzz Kill said...

Venison Carpaccio...Zombie's all raw meat to me.

Happy Halloween!

Heff said...

Looks nice, but needed BIG beers !

intuitive eggplant said...

Andy, there's definitely a meat sidecar around here :)

Dani, hope you had a great one too!

Diva, nope, it's not my place. It's my costumed friends, who will also have their place decorated to the hilt for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! I have no idea where they manage to find room for the out-of-season decorations, lol.

Buzz, zombie carpaccio - cute :)

Heff, these "little beers" are something another friend of ours learned about at a different Halloween party this year - they're shots of a Spanish liqueur called "43" topped with a bit of half-and-half. Quite tasty and not too crazy sweet. I think La Diva should try making drinks with the stuff. Yum.

Big Shamu said...

Meat....must have MEAT!!! BAMBI MEAT.

Dang, watching too much of the Walking Dead.

Jen said...

I wish we would have celebrated Halloween more this year. I feel like it just flew by us.