Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ALERT: House-Cured Lox and (Possibly) Fresh South Carolina Shrimp Available in Cincy

Just had to pass this along after receiving today’s e-newsletter from Lobsta Bakes of Maine, one of my favorite local fishmongers.

They have a smokehouse adjacent to their retail outlet in Newtown and offer such items as housemade smoked salmon brats. But this is the first I’ve heard they’re making their own lox, available this Fri. afternoon at $17.99/lb.

Also, if they receive enough pre-orders by this Sat., Oct. 30, owner Kevin Smith will drive to South Carolina to bring back a truck load of “fresh raw, shell-on, heads-off South Carolina shrimp,” which will be available at $14.99/lb. for pick-up Fri., Nov. 5 after 10 a.m.

If you’re interested, call and talk to a live person at (513) 561-0444 during business hours, which are currently 10:00 a.m.-6:30 Tues., Fri. and 10:00 a.m.-5:00 Sat. Do not leave a voice mail or contact them by email to place an order (but you can sign up for their weekly e-newsletter on their website – the best way to keep up to date on their offerings).

3533 Church Street, Cincinnati, OH 45244-3001 (Newtown)
Phone: 513.561.0444

I love this place so much I've posted about it before (here, here, and here). Or perhaps a few photos will entice you to check out Lobsta Bakes and place a Carolina shrimp order. I'm hoping there will be enough orders I can get some myself!


Big Shamu said...

That's right. Torture me.

Joanne said...

This sounds so delicious. You're making me wish I lived closer to you so I could get in on some of this action!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

You've reached the depths of my soul. There's nothing better than a Maine lobster and South Carolina shrimp. Uum boy.