Monday, November 7, 2011

Lobstas and Oystas and Middle Eastern, Oh My!

Lobsta Bakes of Maine had such an overwhelming response last weekend to their $9/lb lobster special that they're doing it again. Call Wed. (513-561-0444) to order yours for either Friday or Saturday pick-up this time. They'll steam 'em and crack 'em if you like. Loved these I picked up last weekend. Lobster doesn't get much fresher, cheaper, or easier when you live in Ohio.

On the food truck scene, which is (sigh) waning as we head into winter, New Orleans to Go has flown in some oysters for Oyster Peace-Maker Po-Boys. Now that they've got a great regular gig going in Springdale on Tuesdays, I'm hoping NOTG's supply holds out for what I'm hearing will be this Thursday at 5th and Race. Toya and Randy, save me one, please!

Prassino/Greek To Me has opened on Court Street, and I ate at Turquoise, newly opened on Vine Street, last week. Thank goodness their ezme (which I first fell in love with at Cafe Istanbul) is back.

I'll return with more food and photos, although it may be a bit. Lots going on outside this little food blog, and I'm sorely worried that I haven't seen a certain buff-colored furry guy since Sunday.

On a more upbeat note, my niece's Glee-esque show choir, named Happiness, Inc., was just voted best in the nation at Parade Magazine. Click here to listen to to their version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," a song that both inspires me and makes me cry every time I hear it. I'm looking forward to my first trip to Nashville to see her group in the Nationals - and to taste Nashville food!

Yikes, I just listened to that video again, and welled up with gratitude to blogger friends who recently sent me kind words out of the blue. Much appreciated.

Till we rendezvous again,
xoxo, eggy


Aunty Belle said...

The lobster yummies make me wanna travel nawth, Chile'.

Oh Sugar Pie, I is real sorry about yore furry li'l fella. Hope he turns up soon.

We'll miss ya, but enjoy Nashville--an' we's expectin' a report of the food track scence thar', ya know??

Aunty Belle said...

uh, "scene."

Jen said...

Oh I'm so worried about your furry friend nhave you posted on craigslist?

moi said...

Congratulations to your niece, but I'm so, so sorry to hear about your furry friend. Kitty? Has he/she gone on a walkabout before or is this a new behavior?

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Aunty, thanks for your kind words. I won't be heading to Nashville until next spring. But I will have to check out their food trucks :)

Jen, thanks for the suggestion about craigslist. Didn't find anyone posting a "found" ad that sounds like my beloved Scout, but I just posted a "lost" ad.

Moi, yes, Scout is the 14-year-old male cat I've had since someone dropped him off (before he was weaned) at a state park where a friend worked. He's fiercely independent and loves to be outdoors, but he's never been gone this long. I fear that either he's gone to the great scratching post in the sky or someone has taken him in. Sometimes he's entirely too friendly for his own good. He's great with kids, he was great with the widows who lived on my street when I first bought my house, and he thinks it is his job to patrol the neighborhood. Fingers crossed he will turn up.

Boxer said...

I'm so sorry you're worried about your Scout. I had a boy very similar to him - loved the outdoors. I hope he's home soon because it's so very hard not knowing where they are. :-( You're both in my prayers and just remember; you gave him a life that sounds pretty wonderful and they NEVER are here long enough.

Keep us informed and take good care of yourself.


moi said...

Any word on your wandering kitty?

Grumpy Granny said...

Eggy, hope your kitty has already turned up or will soon. I, too, get totally weepy at Hallelujah and this version was amazing. Now go check out my latest post and the link at the bottom. I had to buy their MP3 album immediately!


Aunty Belle said...

jes' checkin' in to see if thar's work on Scout.

Wishin' ya well, Eggy.